As a class we have scoured the internet to create a compilation of videos discussing how the average person can increase mileage in their vehicle without spending a tremendous amount of money. We chose credible sources that directly spoke to how you can alter current habits or change the environment of your vehicle to improve your mileage.  Below are a few videos that we came across that fit our criteria.

Tips to improve mileage-

Mark Woods from AAA gives us some Efficient Driving Tips that can lead to saving money and gas. Checking your tire pressure, lessening the weight on your car, ensuring you have a clean air filter, and watching your deceleration and acceleration are all things that will help you improve your mileage.

Fuel Saving Tips-

Robert Sinclair from AAA gives us tips to help improve fuel efficiency which include maintaining your vehicle regularly checking your tire pressure, air filter, and spark plugs, using your A/C less, and consolidating your trips.

This video presented by informs us that making sure your tire pressure is correct can improve your gas mileage by 3%.

This video by shares some really useful statistics related to how much you can improve gas mileage by properly maintaining your car, limiting any unnecessary weight, making sure your gas cap is on correctly, and driving the speed limits.

This video gives excellent statistics regarding fuel savings depending on certain steps that you take with your car, how you maintain it, and how you drive.

In this video by, consumers are encouraged to clean out their trunks, get out of the drive-thru lane, and cut down on the fast starts and screeching stops as fuel-saving tips.